Inquilab Housing Association surveying services award

Inquilab Housing Association – Asbestos Surveying Contract

Value: £120,000

Inquilab Housing Association operates to the west of London in Brent, Ealing, Elmbridge, Harrow, Hounslow, Richmond, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Slough managing approximately 1,100 residential units ranging from houses, flats and a hostel. Inquilab Housing Association entered into a JCT contract with Armstrong-York in October 2013 to prepare an asbestos policy and management plan, create and manage an asbestos register and to inspect approximately 800 dwellings and buildings.

The scope of work includes:

Creation of an Asbestos Policy and Management Plan
Working with Inquilab to advise on and prepare an appropriate asbestos policy and management plan, detailing how Inquilab can meet and maintain its asbestos obligations over the next five years and to advise and manage a tender process on companies that are suitable for appointment as specialist asbestos removers. The management plan created by Armstrong York includes for any requirement for specific properties and a schedule of re-inspections.

Create an Asbestos Register
Armstrong York have created and maintained an asbestos register for the whole of Inquilab holdings. The method of storing records was agreed with Inquilab and capable of transferring to their Keystone asset management system via a KGI import routine.

Asbestos Surveys
Armstrong York has undertaken a thorough inspection of the programmed properties, both inside and out, to identify materials that may or may not contain asbestos (ACMS) to satisfy the requirements of HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide. The condition of any identified ACMs was

assessed and appropriate advice given i.e. left undisturbed with management plan, repaired, sealed or removed. A full risk assessment was carried out for all properties containing or thought to contain ACMs.

Separate individual survey reports are provided in PDF format for each property and are identifiable by their address in the file title. The reports are available on our web portal and include and assess the following factors:

• The type of asbestos material or product group
• Its condition
• Its location
• Its vulnerability to damage
• Its treatment, e.g. if sealed or encapsulated

Armstrong-York prioritised from a desk top risk assessment the whole of Inquilab holdings and completed the high priority inspections in priority order. We liaised with residents and managed diary arrangements to gain access to properties from resident information provided by Inquilab. All communication with residents was agreed with Inquilab beforehand. Armstrong-York liaised with the Contract Manager to agree the Project Plan prior to commencement of the service.

Other management consultancy services provided by Armstrong-York to Inquilab Housing Association include:

• Management, Refurbishment and Demolition surveys
• Provision of data into a format suitable (KGI Format) for import into Keystone
• Bulk sampling and analysis of samples
• Emergency site attendance and 24-hour call out
• Asbestos awareness training
• Risk assessments
• Analytical monitoring in association with encapsulation, monitoring or removal
• Providing ad-hoc advice on asbestos related issues
• Attending progress meetings with Inquilab

Chesterfield Borough Council surveying services award

Chesterfield Borough Council– Asbestos Surveying Contract

Value: £160,000 (per annum) – 3 year contract

Armstrong York is pleased to announce our appointment as the sole provider for Asbestos consultancy services to Chesterfield Borough Council which is a Borough Council in the north of Derbyshire. The council manages approximately 10,000 houses, flats, maisonettes and garages within Chesterfield.

The services to be provided by Armstrong York include Asbestos Management, Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys. Asbestos Surveys are to be undertaken in accordance with HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide, Armstrong York is required to carry out surveys as instructed by Chesterfield Borough Council. The Council will call off surveys to coincide with the Council’s Void, Planned and Responsive Maintenance on behalf of OSD.

Armstrong York collate all data and photographs into a format suitable (i.e. KGI Format) for Chesterfield Borough Councils Asset Management System (Keystone). The Councils appointed Manager in request of this Service Agreement is Peter Bartle, Armstrong York is required to liaise with the Councils Manager to agree the Project Plan prior to commencement of the service. Armstrong York liaises on a daily basis with the Customer Services Division of Housing Services which is organised into four specialist teams. These four teams are the Housing Solutions Team, the Neighbourhoods Team, the Careline and Support Service Team and the Tenant Engagement Team, particular engagement is made with the Tenant Engagement Team who is responsible for:
• Tenant participation and consultation
• Service improvement
• Management of complaints, comments and compliments system

Other management services provided by Armstrong York to Chesterfield Borough Council include:
• Management Surveys and Refurbishment and Demolition surveys
• Provision of Management Survey information on a third party developed online management system
• A pull-off schedule of rates contract for asbestos consultancy for:
• Incident investigation services.
• Bulk sampling and analysis of samples;
• Emergency site attendance and 24 hour call out
• Asbestos management training and awareness training
• Site risk assessments
• Analytical monitoring works in association with encapsulation, monitoring or removal.
• Providing ad-hoc advice on asbestos related issues.
• Dealing with emergency situations with regard to asbestos
• Attending progress meetings with the Client.
• Attending asbestos review meetings and training sessions as required with the Client in order to review performance

Monthly applications for payment are issued to Chesterfield Borough Council to include charges for all services provided under this agreement during such period. The Services will be provided by Armstrong York until 31st March 2017 with the option to extend for two further periods of one year, this agreement will be budget led up to a value of £160,000 per annum.