South Western Ambulance Service award consultancy services to Armstrong York

NHS Foundation Trust – Asbestos Consultancy Contract

Value: £150,000

South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) provides emergency and urgent care services across the south west of England, from Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly across to Dorset and up to Gloucestershire. The Trust serves a resident population of more than 5.3 million as well as over 17.5 million visitors to the south west each year. The Trust covers an area of 10,000 square miles, which is 20% of mainland England. The area that SWASFT cover is predominantly rural, with the Cotswolds, Dartmoor, Exmoor and significant coastline, but also includes large urban centres, such as Bath, Bournemouth, Bristol, Exeter, Gloucester, Plymouth, Poole and Swindon. SWASFT employs more than 4,000 staff across over 100 sites, including 100+ ambulance stations, six air ambulance bases, two hazardous area response teams (HART) bases and three emergency control rooms (clinical hubs). In addition, to providing the emergency 999 service, SWASFT also provides a range of urgent care services, including

• Out of Hours Services in Dorset only
• Tiverton Urgent Care Centre in Devon

The Trust has a mission to respond to patients’ emergency and urgent care needs quickly and safely to save lives, reduce anxiety, pain and suffering. Last year SWASFT dealt with more than 867,500 emergency and urgent incidents. Like many public sector bodies, the Trust generates large volumes of information, much of which comprises sensitive patient details. As a provider of emergency 999 and non-emergency 111 services, the availability of electronic data by the Trust is critical. Maintaining clean rooms and infrastructure where the data and supporting infrastructure are housed will contribute to the overall resilience of the services delivered by Armstrong York. The

objective of our appointment is to provide to South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust with the following services:

• Management, Refurbishment and Demolition surveys
• Re-inspections and Asbestos Management Plans
• Bulk sampling and in house analysis of samples
• Incident investigation services
• Emergency site attendance and 24 hour call out
• Asbestos management training and awareness training
• Day-to-day monitoring works in association with day-to-day asbestos encapsulation, monitoring or removal.
• Providing ad-hoc advice on asbestos related issues.
• Dealing with emergency situations with regard to asbestos
• Attending progress meetings with the Client.
• Quality checking asbestos removal Service Providers’ plans of work and on site performance.
• Checking all Service Provider certificates and relevant paperwork.