Bath and North East Somerset Council surveying services award

Bath and North East Somerset Council– Asbestos Surveying Contract

Value: £150,000

Bath and North East Somerset covers an area of 136 square miles, of which two thirds is green belt. It stretches from the outskirts of Bristol, south into the Mendip Hills and east to the southern Cotswold Hills and Wiltshire border. There are approximately 72,000 dwellings in the BaNES housing stock database, of which 76% are classed as ‘urban’. Over a half of the housing has been built since 1945. B&NES are also responsible for 83 Schools, commercial and various corporate sites.

The scope of services provided on behalf of B&NES is for the provision of asbestos survey and sample testing and related services in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012) and the HSE Guide. Armstrong-York will assist in setting up and developing processes to enable efficient and effective monitoring, reporting and administration processes for the Asbestos Framework Contract utilising the “Shine” Asbestos management System software, in particular “shineLight”, the Shine Asbestos surveying application. The Services include but are not limited to:
• Carry out management surveys in accordance with HSG264
• Carry out Refurbishment and Demolition (R&D) surveys in accordance with HSG264
• Collect bulk samples for laboratory analysis in conformity to procedures within HSG264
• Analyse bulk samples in our UKAS accredited laboratory in conformation to the requirements of ISO17025
• Liaison and co-ordination of independent contractors in carrying out reinstatement works
• Provision of ‘ad-hoc’ professional asbestos management advice and recommendations
• Throughout the period of the contract, utilisation of the Shine electronic asbestos survey and management reporting system
• Liaison with other project team members
• Assist in preparing the project brief for Asbestos management both centrally and at location
• Advise on budget(s)
• Assist in preparation of the Asbestos Management Plan and Registers
• Attend meetings as required by the Employer
• Provide measurable data for KPI monitoring

Delivery of service: Armstrong-York allow for the service provision in line with the working hours identified below. Response times for non-emergency services are to be as follows:

• Provide electronic confirmation of receipt of work enquiry from the Service Manager within 24-hours;
• Submit quotation within 5-days following receipt of a scope of services or time charge work enquiry, unless specifically requested otherwise by the Service Manager;
• Services to be commenced within 5-days of the confirmation to proceed instruction, unless specifically requested otherwise by the Service Manager.
• Provide a minimum of 24-hours’ notice of the date and times of surveys and tests to the Service Manager.
• Submit completed survey reports within 5-days of site visit.
• Submit laboratory certificates from bulk sample analysis to Service manager, immediately on receipt from the Analyst.
• Submission of air sampling certificates to Service Manager or their nominated representative immediately on completion of on-site analysis.

Throughout the Contract period, Armstrong-York will maintain full records of all attendances, survey and sampling services made under the Contract and exercise all reasonable skill, care and due-diligence in the performance of the Services as is to be expected from an appropriately qualified and competent Company experienced in carrying out services of a similar size, scope and complexity.